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Review: Hyperpop Artist PRIV Releases New Emotional Single "numb"

Rising star PRIV has just released his latest single “numb." This hyperpop artist hailing from Michigan is facing what all fresh-faced artists have to deal with, navigating the music industry. It is a pain that no one fully understands unless they are experiencing it personally. “numb” explores the feelings of loneliness and the exhaustion that comes from chasing these dreams.

A light-hearted and simple electric guitar melody starts the song before the classic elements of hyper-pop soon join. Taking what seems to be the chorus, PRIV adds his signature flair by distorting the words and compressing the sound. The glitchy sounds pull listeners in and PRIVs authentic lyrics keep them hooked. He sings “I’m just hoping that with time my self doubt will hide away / I’m my own worst critic I get stifled by mistakes.” PRIV gave some insight into his single, “Growing up has been really hard on me. I’m still figuring out the music industry and constantly navigating, juggling friendships and relationships. It’s been tough and it’s made me so numb to my feelings.”

This song easily deserves 5 stars. PRIV has been producing beats for a wide range of genres for years and it shows. The production is fantastic and the lyrics were raw and real. PRIV has a lot of potential that will take him far in this industry.

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