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Review: Hayden Joseph Tells Us What Country Music Means To Him In Latest Album 'Country to Me'

Country artist Hayden Joseph recently released his album, Country to Me. You can listen to the project here.

His album features a modern pop twist on some good old-fashioned country tunes. The motivation to write this album was Hayden feeling fed up over everyone arguing about what country music was 'supposed' to be. He made this album as a way to express what this genre means to him. “Country to Me” is sure to keep you engaged as it switches tone from piece to piece. Some will have you out of your seat dancing along while others make you want to just sit back and listen. If you love a good modern country hit, you’ll love this album!

The opener for this album is the title track, Country to Me. Over lighthearted music that reminds me of summertime, Hayden sings about how he doesn’t fit the ‘normal’ country stereotypes. Men in the country music industry have this standard image that they all drive big trucks and love to drink ice-cold beer. Hayden proves that just because he doesn’t fit that mold, he is still just as country as everyone else. While there are plenty of songs just like this written about women, Hayden continues to break male country artist stereotypes by writing the song “The Guy After the Guy.” This heartbreak anthem is all about having someone you run to when your heart gets broken. The guy that, as Hayden sings it, is “Mr. Right Now, but he sure ain’t Mr. Right.” As the song progresses, Hayden reveals that he is the guy after the guy. To close out the album, Hayden sings a song previously released as a single titled “Here.” ‘Hustle Culture’ is such a big trend in the newer generations. Everyone is always go, go, go. “Here” is about taking a second to breathe and just live in the moment. These are just a few examples of the wide array of songs that this album has to offer.

Being born and raised in South Carolina means Hayden Joseph is no stranger to the country music scene. Growing up, he would dance and sing along to VHS tapes of Shania Twain, who he now draws inspiration from. Hayden’s music is also influenced by artists like Taylor Swift and Garth Brooks. The way Hayden’s songs weave together the sounds of Contemporary Country and Modern Pop, any listener is sure to find a song they love. As an openly LGBTQ+ country music artist, Hayden knows what it is like to feel excluded. He once stated that he wants to write a “song for everyone.” Hayden has said that in his songwriting process, he tries to “challenge myself to write lyrics that are applicable to many walks of life.” This album is no exception to that challenge. I am giving “Country to Me” 2 thumbs up, the production is high quality - the lyricism Hayden brings to the table is clever yet vulnerable, and it has the ability to change perspectives on the genre that is country.

Connect with Hayden: Website /Instagram /TikTok /Spotify


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