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Review: Hayden Joseph Inspires us to be our Authentic Selves with Upbeat Single "See Me"

Hayden Joseph is back with another upbeat, inspiring single titled, "See Me." As a queer country artist, Hayden is no stranger to quick judgement, but this new song reminds listeners that there is more to him than what can be seen in a picture or on a resume. With rhythmic and rich guitar strumming and a playful melody, "See Me" is the perfect song for a windows-down road trip, a lazy beach day, and every setting in between!

In addition to a catchy pop-country sound, the lyrics in "See Me" keep listeners engaged. His opening verse sets the scene, describing how his resume may show his previous jobs and his picture reveals his appearance, but, "Give me time to open up/ You'd see you've barely scratched the surface." Momentum builds to an exciting chorus in which Hayden shares more of his identity with vivid metaphors including, "I'm a sinner to the saints/ Seven colors when it rains." While fans get to hear more about Hayden's personality and values, he also encourages listeners to be their authentic selves, however that may look. A great reminder for Pride Month and a joyful tune, "See Me" is a must-listen for this June!

Connect with Hayden Joseph: Website/Instagram/Facebook/Spotify


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