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Review: Harry Kaplan Reminds us Change Starts Within with Empowering new single "The Freedom Inside"

Dutch musician, multi-instrumentalist, and music therapist Harry Kappen is known for making bold political statements and raising awareness on global issues through his music. While his previous music often calls for large-scale global change, his latest single “The Freedom Inside” is a gentle reminder for people to start a positive change from within themselves. Released on March 1st, 2023, the new single reached the UK iTunes Pop Songs chart at #52. The single teases the full-length album that fans have been waiting for since Harry's 2022 album release, “Escape,” which included the Spotify hit "WarGames" earning over 50K streams.

"The Freedom Inside" is a simple, yet provoking song. Opening with a slide guitar pickup and followed by Harry's storytelling voice and finger-style guitar playing, the single has a timeless sound that will intrigue listeners of any genre. Harry's voice carries wisdom, which can be heard in his humble lines, "I'm just playing my guitar/And I think it all over/And I realize the changes start inside." Harry's message is empowering and uniting as he realizes, we can all make a difference in the world if we start with ourselves first. Rather than pointing fingers and passing blame, Harry reassures us, "The freedom's inside us/It's got to come out." Harry understands the music is a powerful tool for change, and song's message, sound, and lyricism makes this single a must-listen.

About Harry Kappen:

Harry Kappen (HK) is an independent Dutch musician and music therapist who has played in many bands in the Netherlands and worked as a producer for Dutch pop bands. Since he was young, HK composed hundreds of songs for his own bands, just for fun, for events, and for Dutch television. As an admirer of David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Prince, Radiohead, Scandinavian pop music by Bjork, and Motorpsycho, their influence is evident in Harry's eclectic music style. HK plays, writes and produces his music independently in his home studio. Listen to "The Freedom Inside" here and be on the lookout for his upcoming album. It is sure to be one you will not want to miss!

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