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Review: Country Singer- Songwriter, Gary Pratt's New Album, "SOMETHING WORTH REMEMBERING"

Gary Pratt’s new release, ‘Something Worth Remembering,’ releasing on March 28th, 2021, is an exciting project that tells the tales of someone who is engulfed in the country lifestyle. The first single from the album, “A Song You Can Drink A Beer To,” releasing on March 5th, uses lyrics that emphasize a good time and pleasant interactions. The sound of the sound is also quite fun; the dynamics of the song are fantastic and really create the vibe of a party.

The rest of the album is full of other songs that embody good times and the country lifestyle. The album starts off strong; it has a fun feeling that is reminiscent of an exciting Friday night before plants start to come together. The third song, “Sounds like Whiskey to Me” is a fun ballad about having good times and enjoying the better times in life. It has a grand sound; the guitar licks are executed perfectly and harmonize nicely with the gritty tone of Mr. Pratt's voice.

The next song, “When It's Our Love That’s Lost,” transitions the project to a softer side, talking about the love that he feels for his lady. It is a pretty ballad that talks about being man enough to know when you are wrong; Gary is delivering a life lesson in a beautiful fashion in this song. In the next song, “Till Your Boots Are Dirty,” picks back up where the album left off. It is an exciting song that sounds dirty even from the opening guitar riff. It is a song that will make you want to get off of your butt and dance! It maintains the energy that Pratt is trying to create and embody with his project. The line.``you ain't country till you stuck a truck, “ and also, “you ain't country till your boots are dirty,” shows that Mr. Pratt is a real countryman and is not faking the lifestyle. He is living his life through his music. The song could serve as an unofficial code to country music fans everywhere to take pride in their culture.

The second half of the album keeps up the same energy from the first half. The song “Number One Fan” is another song that talks about love and relationships. It tells the story of a relationship between an artist and a girl that loves him; she is always there to support him and be there for him all of the time. It is a wholesome song that makes the listener want to fall in love.

The album’s title track starts off with a beautiful organ, slide guitar, and acoustic guitar intro that goes well with Mr. Pratt's voice right off of the bat. The song uses language that anyone can relate to. It also inspires the listener to quite literally do, ‘something worth remembering.’ It is a beautiful song that ends the album on a positive and inspiring note. The song embodies the feeling given off from the rest of the album and ends it in a strong way.

This album is one that any American can relate to. It tells the stories of a hard-working man who enjoys the simpler things in life and knows how to have a good time. Gary Pratt is sure to turn heads with this project; everything from the lyrics to the instrumentation to the themes of the songs is fun to get behind and enjoy. Go get Gary Pratt’s new album ‘Something Worth Remembering’ out everywhere on March 18th, 2021!


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