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Review: Ethan Payne Releases "Lukes Guitar" A Nod to Luke Bryan

REVIEW: Ethan Payne is an upcoming country artist who pays tribute to the generosity and kindness shown to him by one of his all time favorite idols, Luke Bryan with his new single "Luke's Guitar". The story behind the single is as inspiring as the song itself. In 2016 Ethan was granted a "meet and greet" with Luke through the Make A Wish foundation, and Luke was moved to gift Ethan his guitar. This song is cleverly written and shares a bit of what it feels like to receive such an amazing gift! Luke's guitar has definitely been put to very good use, allowing Ethan to in turn, share his incredible gifts and talent with all of us! Right now we are a world that is hurting and desperately need to hear the message of this song. One never knows when a simple gift of "a hand me down beat up" of "more than just steel and wood" could mean so much? Even though it may have been just an average guitar in the beginning, to know where this guitar has been and who it came from gave him inspiration in a way nothing else could. Ethan's flawless vocals really shine in this song. He has his own sound but I am reminded a bit of Hunter Hayes. He gives us a reason to keep our heads up even when he's "...hanging on by the last saves my hopeless heart, Luke's guitar". It is a feeling many of us can relate to, and we appreciate music from amazing artists like Ethan Payne to help us "say the things I never could". -Thanks so much Ethan,...I think I'll go and put a fresh set of strings on my "old friend" left in my closet for way too long. Keep writing, singing and "picking it up", you'll never let your fans down!  - Kat Loewer

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