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Review: Embracing the Soulful Rhythms of "Falling off the Merry Go Round" by Pam Ross

Calling back to the earlier days of classic rock, “Falling off the Merry Go Round” by Pam Ross is a simple and smooth single to add to any playlist. The calm pace of the instrumentals and the vocals make it an easy listen, but this doesn’t mean this is just like any other tune you’ve heard before. Featuring some impressive guitar work and a chilling vocal performance by Ross, this song will make any fan sing along.

Pam Ross has found a perfect blend of genres to fit her very own style. She blends her influences of rock, Americana, and country into something new. Pam started her career in Houston, Texas after being exposed to some open mic venues in the area. She quickly gained a reputation as an energetic performer and began touring throughout Texas. Ross later moved to Nashville to further her musical debut and began performing at the renowned BlueBird Cafe and other local clubs in the Nashville area. Pam found herself feeling lost during the recent pandemic and realized she needed to get back to playing music. In June 2022, she began recording at Goodluck Studio in Chapel Hill, NC.

Continuing with this idea of feeling lost, lines like “this ride’s gone crazy/I won’t last” show a deeper insight into Pam’s message within the song. Using the merry-go-round a simple metaphor for life’s twists and turns, the song feels jovial in nature, even if the lyrics hint at a darker meaning. Pam also reaches out to her audience with lines like “grab my hand as I’m trippin’/this merry-go-round is spinning too fast.” While the phrasing may not immediately cause people to relate, a closer look reveals what is at the heart of this piece. Ross is trying to gain their footing back, and they can see the world changing around them rapidly. Anyone who’s felt a little lost in life before should give this song a listen!


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