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Review: Country-Rock Singer Aaron Marlowe Releases Long-Awaited LP “Resurrection”

Authentic storyteller and skilled guitarist Aaron Marlowe released the highly anticipated LP “Resurrection” last Friday, July 28th. Starting off strong with “Bottom of the Shot Glass,” a rock inspired guitar solo and upbeat drums drive the momentum of this catchy, heartbreak tune. A story about looking for a lost love, Aaron stays true to his classic rock roots and adds in a fun call back after the chorus, “Shot! Shot! Shot!

The 10 track album includes 8 original and 2 covers, one being the iconic Johnny Cash hit, “Wayfaring Stranger.” Aaron makes the song his own by adding a rock flair to the classic country tune with heavy drums and an impressive guitar solo. Aaron shows his versatility in this cover, seamlessly blending rock and country and making the well-known tune a perfect addition to his originals.

Track five, “Heroes,” was Aaron’s single and first music video on “Resurrection.” A song about broken promises, Aaron expertly portrays the struggle of learning to trust others again. With the opening lyrics, “Teenage girl of only sixteen/Looks at all her old memories/Thinks all she has seen/Are promises broken,” the video reveals a young woman sitting on the couch, holding back tears. Reminiscent of young Johnny Cash and 80’s classic rock, the video goes back and forth between the woman and Aaron narrating the story, singing and playing guitar in black and white with dark sunglasses on. The black and white filter is clearly purposeful as it demonstrates the way color can be ripped from our world when promises are broken and hope is diminished. An honest and true story, this stripped down video does not sugar coat the frustration and anger that inspired this single, but represents it authentically.

Aaron tells the story of his late cousin in “The Old Countryside,” demonstrating his singer-songwriter charm. With a strong country influence, Aaron takes listeners on a journey of his relationship with his cousin, reminding us all to, “Cherish what you have now / Learn from that old dusty road.” While Aaron writes about heavy themes and tragedy, he inspires hope and healing in his music, always uplifting listeners and remembering the good times fondly.

With diverse instrumentation and addicting bass and guitar solos, Aaron has crafted a meaningful and catchy album that you can’t help but fall in love with.

Listen to “Resurrection” and stay in touch with Aaron on his website!


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