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Review: Country Artist Jillian Cardarelli's Nostalgic Summer-Love Tune "Could've Been Boy"

Photo Credit: Dusty Barker

Country singer-songwriter Jillian Cardarelli has just released a summer-love tune with her take on "the one that got away." A story we are all familiar with, Jillian looks back on a hopeful relationship, wishing it had worked out. Opening with steel guitar slides and a subtle lead guitar melody, the single stays true to Jillian's country roots. With her sweet and strong vocals, Jillian paints the picture of the honeymoon phase of a past relationship, singing, "Free fallin' at a red light kiss thinkin' I could get used to this/Drinkin' cheap wine like champagne laying in the TV light." Jillian questions, was she naive, or was there real potential in this relationship?

The tempo builds to a catchy chorus. Jillian's melody is classic yet innovative, as she sings down the scale, "We swung and missed/And now I get a little in my head," keeping listeners engaged as she reaches her final conclusion with the lyrics, "Thinkin' bout what would've been boy, if you weren't a could've been boy." Jillian's vocals are authentic and effortless as she tells her unfiltered story. This song is a must listen for this summer, and it will have you singing along as we all reminisce on our "could've been" boys.

Connect with Jillian Cardarelli: Website


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