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Review: Canaan Smith "Country Boy Things" Music Video

Rising country artist Canaan Smith has just released his the newest video for his new single "Country Boy Things."  The song itself was written by Smith with some help from Brian Kelley from Florida-Georgia Line fame, Jaren Johnson of Cadillac Three, and Corey Crowder.  

The first few seconds of the video greet me with a beautiful overhead view of what appears to be the Smokey Mountains.  This is before the camera cuts to a view of Canaan Smith standing on the porch of his cabin in the woods, tapping his foot.  

As Smith starts singing about typical country topics such as driving trucks and drinking beer, and various "country boy things," the camera switches to a whole montage of various commonly-enjoyed, recreational activities one would typically partake in if they were in the woods.  The video ends with Smith lighting and sitting at a campfire, seemingly reflecting on all of the "country boy things" that were accomplished that day.

Overall, Thomas Haney did a great job directing the video and Remedy Creative did a great job editing it.  The song is very catchy and the video is a great visual to go along with the song's narrative.  


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