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Review: Alyssa Trahan's Music Video For Her New Stunning Single “Ain't Ever Goin' Back”


Alyssa Trahan makes a dark cinematic masterpiece with her new music video “Ain’t Ever Goin’ Back”. Alyssa tackles the issue of domestic abuse in both a realistic and empowering way while throwing a hint of dark flair to get the sort of jaw-dropping effect at the end. The music sets the tone immediately with a sultry country acoustic guitar with driving drums and a hint of rock electric guitar tone. The video foreshadows the climax of the story with the very first frame of her dragging the shovel and mirroring the first lyrics of “It’s been a long time coming”.

The imagery of the video matches the lyrics and the vibe of the song so well throughout. This and the attention to detail, especially in the really important moments, is what really strikes me. One of my favorite examples is when she gets punched is time to a snare drum hit, the tone of which is layered with a clap to give it the feeling of a fleshy hit. Then of course there is the climax of the piece where she depicts her packing her things as if to leave, then the fantastic tension the guitar solo gives builds to the twist of the gunshot timed to the drop of the chorus. This music video is an emotional rollercoaster and shines a light on abusive relationships but of course with her own fantastic artistic spin.


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