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Review: Alex Krawczyk finds Clarity in Nature with Uplifting Folk Single "Space Between Us"

Canadian Folk Music Awards nominee, Alex Krawczyk, released her latest single,"Space Between Us," last Sunday, May 21st. The single, which was written by Krawczyk and her producer, Robbie Roth, captivates listeners with its uplifting lyrics and soulful melody. The song opens with organic guitar strums, mirroring the themes of natural beauty consistent throughout the song. In the same vein, Alex's voice is effortless and raw as she sings, "I know the sun will lead me home." As she mentions the sun and stars, among other nature elements, Alex affirms there is a sort of beauty in uncertainty and relying on nature. With her line, "You're here/I feel it in my bones," Alex reveals the "space between us" is referring to a loved one that is not there, but she can feel her presence in this environment.

The light finger-picking pattern picks up as the chorus begins and Alex sings, "There's more to the world than the pain we know." Alex's setting has inspired her and she shares her revelations of hope and peace with us through this ethereal folk tune. She closes the song with the same lyrics she opened it with, illustrating the infinite possibilities available to us in the natural world, "Don't know where I'm going but I'm walking."

About Alex Krawczyk

With more than 350K Spotify streams on her catalog, a #1 US radio airplay chart single, another Top 10 US radio single, and a nod for the Canadian Folk Music Awards, Alex Krawczyk emerged onto the folk music scene in 2022. When she’s not working on her music, Alex devotes much of her time to working with charitable initiatives in her community. Preferring to stay out of the limelight, she continues to write and record new music, continuing to share her journey of hope and healing through song.

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