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Reminisce on the joy and heartbreak in a relationship with Ray Palousek's EP 'Feelings'

Traveling artist Ray Palousek releases his newest EP, titled 'Feelings,' which will be available October 28th on all digital streaming platforms. You can click here to listen to 'Feelings.'

Ray Palousek's newest EP release, titled 'Feelings,' is a collection of songs meant to help share his journey through life with his audience. Driven by personal experiences, Palousek is able to convey importance with the idea of expression, as well as sharing these experiences with his audience.

Each song within the EP conveys a different tone solely based on lyrical content. While "Embers in the Breeze" conveys the height of happiness within a relationship, "Not Your Baby" showcases the overall devastation one can experience when it doesn't work out in the end.

The lyrics within the EP are a point of focus within the release, as Palousek tells his own story of love and heartbreak. With soothing vocals and simple yet meaningful lyrics, Palousek visualizes simpler, melancholic times in his life, and portrays them in his music. The songs within 'Feelings' help emphasize these emotional connections, both new and old.

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