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Radio Romance Releases Highly Anticipated Single "Sunday Fine"

Radio Romance releases their highly anticipated new single "Sunday Fine".You can stream the new single on all digital platforms. 

“Sunday Fine” is the perfect fall anthem to remind us all to breathe and live in the moment during these last few months of 2020.

Confirming the news of their forthcoming single, Radio Romance dropped hints about what listeners can expect from the track, saying: “Live in the moment. Breathe. Look! We’ve all done it! We’ve all sped up our lives recently. Whether it was to meet someone else’s expectations, because we put too much on our own plate, or simply because we are just running behind, we just feel rushed. Just relax and take a moment for yourself. You have to recharge your batteries first before you can tackle the world or help someone else out. So, sit down, watch the wind blow by, and start feeling Sunday Fine!”

In 2017, Radio Romance received a big industry boost as they won the NASHNext competition, which included a deal with Big Machine Records, home to Midland, Sugarland, and many others.

Their first single for the label, “Weekend,” was released in 2018. The video for their single “Like the Moon” was voted #1 for 5 consecutive weeks on the CMT 12 Pack Countdown which leads to them being selected for their Artist Discovery program.

You can learn more about Radio Romance by visiting


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