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Press Release: Samie Bower Pleads For An Answer In New R&B Single "Wrong"

September 29th, 2023 (Nashville, TN): Samie Bower releases a new single and music video for "Wrong." You can listen to the single here, and watch the video here. The single and music video for "Wrong" exclusively premiered with Earmilk.

Samie shares, “From the start, RJ and I have always spoke about making some songs together. But our schedules never worked out, so we just decided for him to send me a bunch of beats and I just go from there. The direction of the beat is heavily a reminder of Kid Laroi but with some twists and turns. I had started making melodies and sending them back and forth. As time went on, I sent him the record completed with words and he was excited going, ‘SICK!’ And from there, the record “Wrong” was born! “Wrong” delves into feelings of displacement and confusion within a relationship."

The lyrics express a sense of being disconnected and unsure about one's place in the situation. The singer acknowledges that they understand their partner's intentions and actions, but when they respond similarly, they are deemed to be in the wrong. This asymmetry in judgment causes internal turmoil, leaving the singer feeling lost and questioning where they went astray.

The music video opens with scenes of Samie walking through a maze of trees whose leaves are all tinted blue representing the downcast vibe of the song. The title of the song and Samie’s name flash across the screen in big bold letters as a finger-style melody is played on a guitar. A contrasting flavorful and energetic beat begins to play, as Bower sings the opening line “Feeling a little outta place as of recent.” The bright beat in combination with the longing lyrics are reminiscent of The Kid LAROI’s hit tune “Stay.” Listeners will want to dance around while yelling out the lyrics “And baby I know you, gon’ do, what you say you wanna do / If I do the same I’m wrong, I’m wrong, wrong.” About halfway through the video, there is a sudden change in the coloring. The cold tint is gone and the leaves are no longer blue. We see Samie standing in an opening as the colors become bright and saturated. It looks as though Samie is searching through woods for himself as the scene switches from the cold feeling to the warm. The video ends with Samie looking at the ground, defeated, as he repeats “Where did I go wrong? / Where did I go wrong?

Born as Samuel Saez III, this alternative/melodic R&B songwriter and singer Samie Bower — a crossover of R&B to pop/hip-hop brings a darker tone within lyrical presentation, while constructing eerie-upbeat tones — born in California, yet raised in the Garden of New Jersey. Between the years of 2017 to 2019, Bower had released two albums and a number of singles. Both “If You Insist” as well as “New To You” (which was released under Mickey Shiloh’s label “BDRM Records” where Samie was the first outside artist under the label). Both albums have made a staple, displaying Bower’s best work. At the top of 2020, Bower released “Skyline” which gained global attention. Leading to two more album releases called "Surreal Intentions" & "Pop N' Trap Type Beats." Bower's release of "Don't Bother Us" alongside Suzi & BAER had also attracted global attention. Closing off the year we were left with the single "Newport" which debuted with a music video, having gained traction and heavy play rotation. As of 2023, the releases of "MIA" & "How Far" had Bower take a new sound, new path. Now gearing up to release his latest single "Wrong" with production by RJ Pasin, the new music is just getting started.​​

Keep up with Samie on his website!


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