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Premiere: Flying Buffaloes On the Road to Stardom With "Germany Turnaround"

Nashville, TN based Alt-Country band Flying Buffaloes kick down the doors with official release of the video for their latest release "Germany Turnaround".

"Germany Turnaround is a tribute to the recent announcement of Jordan Harazin’s departure from the band. Harazin sings lead vocals on the track, which has inadvertently become a commemoration of the band’s journey and Harazin’s time with the group."

The song is a reflection on the band’s experience with member Johan Stone’s visa expiration and inevitable return to his native Germany. Stone, who began the the process to emigrate to the United States soon after the formation of Flying Buffaloes, found himself in a year-long limbo during which the band wrote the song.

Watch the video for "Germany Turnaround" below and be on the lookout for future releases from Flying Buffaloes.

Connect with Flying Buffaloes by visiting and following the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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