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Pop Songstress Amy Asher Releases Intoxicating New Single "Not About Us"

Rising pop singer-songwriterAmy Asher releases an intoxicating new single titled "Not About Us". You can stream the new release on all digital platforms here

"The new single was inspired when I was in a good relationship and very much in love," explains Amy in an exclusive with Medium."I think our story about meeting and how he made me feel is nothing out of the ordinary to others, but it was to me, and I wanted to capture that in a song."

Amy Asher is an established songwriter currently residing in Music City; Nashville – having moved to the city from her hometown of Walnut Creek in the San Francisco Bay Area. She brings a distinct pop stylistic to every track she writes on, whilst also managing to always include a strong story arc throughout. Her musical inspirations come from across the musical board and include the likes of Lennon Stella, Julia Michaels, Chey Rose, and JP Saxe to name a few.

Having performed background vocals at Rocketown for one of Chey Rose's shows along with a few open mic nights in Nashville she is still relatively new to the performing world. Although Amy Asher has shared several songs in the past, she has taken them all down as they “just didn't feel like me.” Since then she has focused on discovering who she really is as an artist and performer before sharing new music again.

You can learn more about Amy Asher by visiting and connecting on Facebook and Instagram. 


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