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Pop-Influenced Crooner Rolls Into Hall Of Fame Of Music Artists

Popular culture has always had its roots embedded in the dominant interests of the masses of people. Throughout the phases of the past decades, new talent has emerged and entangled the listeners in its inescapable cocoon. One such singer is Vishaal Ganesh whose exponential rise has turned heads around. The prolific songwriter and singer is releasing his new song, "Wall Of Memories" on February 12, 2021.

The song encapsulates the nostalgic feeling that stems from childhood memories and presents them in captivating lyrics and music that subdues the mind and soul. The music has connotations of inextricable helplessness that one feels when taking that reluctant leap into the domain of adolescence. The song is set to serve as a reminiscent of sweet childhood memories that everyone cherishes in their hearts.

The singer would now delve into the fold of English music with this forthcoming release, with preceding accomplishments in traditional Indian music and a high volume of viewership, amassing 230k and 110k views on two of the most famous of his songs.

About Vishaal Ganesh The singer has been a cover artist since 2017 and has released 9 songs in India with 2 different record labels and in 3 different languages. This is his first official release as an independent artist and as a solo songwriter. Having poured many hours behind the scenes into practicing songwriting, this song has been in the works for over a year, until he became satisfied that he did justice to what he wanted to convey.


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