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Pop icon Gerle releases new stripped version of smash single "Crush Gone Wrong"

Pop icon Gerle releases new stripped version of her single "Crush Gone Wrong." You can listen to the single by clicking here.

"Crush Gone Wrong" is no exception to Gerle’s impressive pop music repertoire. Coming in strong from the beginning and maintaining a consistent vibe throughout the duration of the song, this track shows off her strengths as a vocalist. She does well to switch between her falsetto and chest voice in various points of the song to show her vocal range and to emphasize her ability to remain stable throughout these transitions. She also does a fantastic job pairing harmonies and ad-libs to enhance the quality of the overall track. Production-wise, the beat does a great job of keeping the song moving and provides a solid foundation for the catchy melody and punchy synths that bring a little 80’s pop flare to the table.

"Crush Gone Wrong" speaks entirely to these themes of heartbreak, truth, and love that Gerle frequently employs in her music. When an artist takes the bold leap to discuss topics such as love or fiery desire, only two outcomes can follow: The song either loses its charm in its mediocrity, doing nothing other than regurgitating a familiar story. If not, however, it reinvents the wheel entirely. So what about "Crush Gone Wrong" is so striking that it turns our expectations of finding love upside down? The answer isn’t so much in the question of who we love but instead focuses on how we love.

Gerle released the quirky animated version of the music video on July 27th, and her stripped follow-up is definitely one to go give a listen to. The form of releasing a fully produced single and releasing a stripped version is in true Gerle fashion, as she has released stripped versions of her last singles "Shadows," "Drown You Out," and "DLMD."

The stripped version of "Crush Gone Wrong" truly allows Gerle's beautiful vocals to shine and glimmer in a more natural light, which sheds duality on the artistry and power her music holds.

Gerle is a California-based indie-pop artist who has an incredible musical journey behind her and in front of her. Gerle’s influences hail from the likes of Robyn, Miley Cyrus, and Madonna, but her sonic quality is unique and effervescent all on its own. She is unapologetic, vulnerable, and unafraid to be herself — all the best and most badass qualities to have.

Growing up touring on the road with her mother, Gerle adapted her natural talent to help her craft her own musicality and artistry. As she grew older, music became a space of healing and fulfillment of loneliness for Gerle. She used music to cure and repair, which led her to find themes of heartbreak, truth, and love in the songs she creates now.

While it is more about her imagination and craft than her accomplishments, Gerle has had quite a career with many highs. She was the Fresh Face of the Grammy Foundation and appeared in the documentary sponsored by Herbal Essences and Neutrogena and walked the red-carpet event for them at the awards show. Additionally, Gerle had 3 remixes in the top 5 on the upfront club charts in the UK and the Cool Cuts Charts and had her single spun on stations such as Gaydio, Kiss FM, Wideboys, and the Andi Durrant Show.

Gerle has had her songs featured on wildly popular shows such as Jersey Shore, Married to Medicine, and Snooki and JWoww. The performer was also a featured guest on RuPaul’s Drag Race, and her music has been praised on social media by moguls Paris and Nicky Hilton.

Gerle has also had previous singles reach as high as #53 on the Billboard charts, only adding to the admiration and acclaim she has received.

She has toured nationally on radio and concert tours and has played shows at many esteemed venues, such as The Roxy Hotel and Rockwell Music Hall.

She works in tandem with Grammy-award-winning producer ToneDef (Santana, Green Day, Briston Maroney) to write and produce her singles, and together the two have created an ethereal and original sound to embody who Gerle is.

The pop songstress has released her singles "Drown You Out (Acoustic)," "Shadows," "Shadows (Stripped)," "Head in A Bottle," "Head in A Bottle (Stripped)," "DLMD," "DLMD (Stripped)," and most recently "Worst Song Ever" and "Crush Gone Wrong."

To keep up with Gerle, follow her on all social media platforms at @iamthegerle or at


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