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Pop Artist Sam Paige teaches us all how to be Girl-bosses with "Don't Hold Back"

Singer-songwriter Sam Paige is a pop rockstar who is not afraid to speak her mind. Her music is empowering and real, with addicting melodies and raw emotions. Born and raised in Edison, New Jersey, Paige’s interest in music began with writing poetry about her life. This focus is evident in her music today, as she writes clever, honest lyrics that tell her story authentically with a catchy chorus. Like her musical inspirations Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson, Paige wears her heart on her sleeve and doesn’t sugar coat anything.

Paige’s latest release “Don’t Hold Back” is a girl-boss anthem about a toxic relationship. Beginning with strong guitar downbeats, the video opens with Paige angrily scrolling on her laptop. The setting of her bedroom gives the vibe that the viewer is her best friend on FaceTime hearing her rant about this boy for the last time. Paige sings, “So fed up with this same conversation/ I’m just tired of this situation,” and as the tension builds, we know Paige is about to take charge like she always does. Paige puts her foot down and kicks the boy out of her house repeating, “My life, not yours, step down, get out.” The cascading repetition of these short phrases illustrates Paige’s unapologetic attitude inspiring and reminding viewers “Don’t hold back!

Having previously trained with “The Voice” coach Coreen Sheehan and performing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, Paige is well versed in vocal technique and engaging stage presence. These skills paired with her poetic writing style and bad-ass personality mix to form an exciting pop-rock, Y2K masterpiece we should all be on the lookout for!

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