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Phillip Michael Parsons Has a 'Bad Girl' and a Great Future

February 5, 2021 (Nashville, TN) Breakout country artist Phillip Michael Parsons debuts his new single "Bad Girl" ( released today as his third single. The rocking tribute to a passionate lover is now available on all digital and download streaming platforms. Parsons paints his “bad girl" as a traditionally "good" woman but like many ladies can turn it up and flip that switch. The song puts a creative spin on the concept behind Tim McGraw’s 2003 chart-topper “Real Good Man.” In the same way McGraw describes himself as being both a “real bad boy” and “a real good man,” “I get asked all the time what my idea of the perfect woman is, and this song describes just that! Someone you can take home to your mom, but flips a switch when the doors are closed. Someone you would never guess might have that wild side because she saves it for you. A bad girl, but a good woman. ‘Bad Girl’ has a rock edge to it and is something girls and guys can relate to!” - Phillip Michael Parsons Fans of Jason Aldean and Sam Hunt alike will be sure to love the production on “Bad Girl.” The Matt Hinshaw and Sam Grow-produced track manages to expertly incorporate both hard rock and hip-hop elements. Overdriven guitar and a trap beat dominate the verses, while the choruses deliver rock ‘n’ roll with a country twist. A satisfying bass fill introduces the second chorus, which in turn gives way to a breakdown that has all the power of Eric Church’s “The Outsiders.” Listeners won’t be able to resist bobbing their heads along to the beat. This song is a fan favorite at his live shows! Parsons is not a man who will slow down even in a pandemic. He has started putting tour dates on the calendar so he can get back to his 200+ touring dates a year. With such a strong effort among his very first singles, the future looks bright for Parsons’ career.

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