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Paola Proctor's Irresistible "How Can I" is a Playlist Must Add

Paola Proctor's newest single "How Can I" is a must-add to your playlist, now available for Pre Save! "How Can I" will be released on December 11, 2020 on all digital and streaming download platforms.

“How Can I” by Paola Proctor is a truly powerful country breakup anthem. The song itself is only made better by the instrumentation, clever lyrics, and Proctor’s rich vocals soaring over the perfectly done country-pop production. Paola’s robust delivery on lyrical lines that tell the story of her heartbreak make the song relatable and make the listener feel as though they have been in her shoes. The story of “How Can I” can make you feel like you’re “loving, hating, and missing” the person that Paola references throughout the song.

“How Can I” brings the hurt and pain of being cheated on and betrayed through pre-choruses with immaculate imagery with lines such as, “Why I gotta feel this so hard, picking up the pieces off the floor, you said I had the key to your heart, but she had the key to your door.”

The chorus reiterates the pain that Paola feels as she sings about this person, however it adds in the vulnerability that she still loves them even though they hurt her. Paola’s vocals soar as she sings the heart-wrenching chorus: "How can I love, hate, be missing you at the same time, you’re the only one to blame for the way I’m feeling inside, my love will never quit and I’m hating to admit that I’m always gonna miss what we couldn’t fix, how can I love, hate, and be missing you at the same time.” The way that Paola conveys the turmoil in this relationship is well-thought out and the lyrics are sensitive yet smart.

As for instrumentation, the ringing electric guitar and snappy beat make for an instantly catchy, sing-a-long worthy kind of song. “How Can I” is a stunning song that tells a story of unfaithfulness in a classic country-pop way – through remarkable production, smooth lyrics, and a fierce vocal to top it all off. Paola Proctor’s songwriting and vocal capabilities shine and create a powerful and immersive “resilient woman” kind of sound.

"How Can I" was written by Paola Proctor, Brittany Knott, Taylor Nash & Ryan Sorestad. Recorded in Nashville, TN and produced by Golden West Productions.


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