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Olivia Lane has found "The One" #newrelease

Talented country music singer/songwriter Olivia Lane has released her much-anticipated EP The One. The One features Olivia at her very best as she tackles a multitude of subjects close to her, pouring her heart into meaningful personal statements including “So Good It Hurts,” “Friends Don’t,” and “The Cape.”

“It’s been three years since I’ve put out my last project,” says Olivia. “In that time, I made it a priority to figure out how to love and take care of myself. Each song on my new EP The One explores a lesson learned along the journey to self-acceptance. I’m so excited to let you in on where my head and heart are now.”

On August 28th she is set to showcase a new tune on Songland, NBC’s premier songwriting competition series. Olivia collaborated with Grammy-winning producer Ester Deen on the track to perform for featured guest artist Leona Lewis.


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