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Olin Wallace Goes Through Neon Withdrawal

Country Singer-Songwriter Olin Wallace released his new single Neon Withdrawl today to all digital retails sites for streaming and downloading. 

Listen here

“Neon Withdrawal” is a fantastic, relatable song that will strike a chord with anyone who had to cancel concert plans this year. The song begins with reminiscent sounds of a diner experience and is followed by a melodic guitar. The tune is fast-paced and will have anyone tapping their toes in no time. Olin wrote the song to express his love of playing and performing and the longing that all musicians feel right now to return to the stage. Through his lyrics, he shows that musicians are incredibly eager to get back to performing as much as audiences want to see them. “Life ain’t a party without y’all” articulates this sentiment perfectly as well as all the aspects of a concert he lists, such as the beer and the experience of meeting the fans. “Neon Withdrawal” makes it easy to see that even though life is crazy right now, performers like Olin are still making music for fans, and one day we will be back in neon light-filled arenas. 

The song was written by Olin Wallace, Dale Allen Pommer, Elmer Knable and Produced by Zach Mann and Olin Wallace. 

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