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Nominate a Covid 19 Music Hero for "Hometown Hero"

It’s been over a year and a half since COVID-19 changed our lives, and many talented musicians have been struggling to pay the bills. While many people focused on saving themselves, some artists chose to use their resources to help others in their community. Co-Founder and CEO of Innovo Management, Sam Saideman, saw all of the good deeds musicians were doing and wanted to figure out a way to reward an individual for going above and beyond to help people in need. This inspired him and his company to create Hometown Hero, an artist giveback initiative that will reward someone for heroically serving their community.

Team Innovo Management

We’re climbing out of a pandemic and people have changed. What shouldn’t change is our relentless commitment to help others. This is our way of using our relationships, resources and energy to help someone deserving.” - Sam Saideman, Co-Founder & CEO Innovo Management, LLC.

Using his large network of music industry professionals, Sam brought together key music industry leaders to assemble a meaningful prize package that would be awarded to a deserving musician. This music industry prize package is designed to help an artist professionally produce and promote their music from start to finish in a way that many deserving artists could not otherwise afford. This prize package includes:

Single produced - Matt Harris

Single mixed - Josh Bonnano

Single mastered - Sam Moses

6 week DSP Promotion campaign - Innovo Management

6 week PR campaign - Gramophone Media

3 hours of consulting around the release - Sam Saideman

Single art - WSK Productions

Lyric video - WSK Productions

1-on-1 best practices consulting - TikTok Artist Partnerships Team

Merch bundle - 48 custom Gildan T-Shirts - Bolt Printing

Branding Consult - Jonas Group Media Sam Saideman - Innovo Management

Player Telecaster Guitar - Fender

In order to decide who deserves this prize, Sam asked five music industry veterans to help him decide a winner. These music industry veterans are Blair Miller from Jonas Group Media, Jason Klein from Fender, Wes Davenport from No Country and PopSquad, Anthony Morales from Artist Publishing Group (APG), Annie Prentice from Agency for the Performing Arts (APA) and Sam Saideman himself.

We have witnessed celebrities contributing to the world during COVID-19, and I am excited to now shine a spotlight on developing artists who have gone above and beyond for their hometowns. Artist development is my greatest passion, so I am grateful to be a part of this incredible initiative and to support an artist who has given back during the pandemic.” - Blair Miller, Jonas Group Media

Nominations are open from August 1st to August 31st and can be submitted here. Hometown Hero is open to all music genres from anywhere in the world. Anyone can nominate an artist they believe is a Hometown Hero, including self nominations. During the month nominations are open, Hometown Hero looks forward to sharing many of the nominees’ heartfelt stories.


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