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Willie Shaw - An Explosion of Wonderful

Willie Shaw is the type of artist that others aspire to be like. His ultra smooth vocals go down easy like that of a 25-year-old single malted scotch. If you are a fan of artists like Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, and Michael Buble then Shaw is the one that you need to be listening to.

Shaw is a resident of Nashville, a city synonymous with country music, but what most people outside of this region do not realize is there has been an upswing in music from all genres finding its way into the once dubbed Country Music Capital now known as "Music City".

Listening to the track “See Through You”, it is easy to pick up on sounds reminiscent of the legendary Motown record label from the 60,s, 70's. Super chill piano accompaniments combined with up-tempo drum beats and bass lines make this track an easy listen. The smooth vocals are on point and refreshing in an industry where sex, drugs and alcohol are the norm. Shaw has created an impressive body of work with this one track and it easy to see where it transcends the normal Pop music genre.

Elements of Jazz and Motown bring “See Through You” full circle……


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