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Newcomer Indie-pop artist Kiana Corley delivers a HOT debut track "Lukewarm"

Kiana Corley is making a solid debut with her new single "Lukewarm" available for pre-save today

Lukewarn is a hot track that will give you all the feels of a perfect serene day. Luke warm is about a love that hasn’t grown cold but isn’t on fire anymore either. I really wanted to write a song that talked about this topic because I honestly haven’t heard many that do! "The idea behind the symbolism of this song came, quite literally, from a lukewarm cup of coffee I was drinking one day. I think my favorite standout lyrics are the first two lines of the chorus - “We could’ve had a fire love but we lost the spark, nothing that I ever do ignites your heart.” I wanted the instrumentation to be the opposite of what the lyrics conveyed. Even though the words don’t describe the happiest situation, the instrumentation is bouncy and upbeat" - Kiana Corley.

Kiana Corley is signed to a distribution agreement with Heart Songs Records.

Produced and Mastered by Tyler Samsel (Pennsylvania)

Instrumentation: Tyler Samsel and Josh Neil (Drums)

BGV's: Kiana Corley

Songwriter: Kiana Corley

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