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New Comer! Aria Mae Releases Her Debut EP! "Smoke Screen Dreams"

Aria Mae Triumphs over Tragedy with her Vision of Hope and Healing

Hypnotizing, harmonizing, and mesmerizing are a few words that come to mind about Aria Mae’s debut EP “Smoke Screen Dreams", which released November 20, 2020 on all digital streaming & download platforms. Each song on the EP does not hold back the raw reality at the core of humanity. Aria’s enchanting voice on each track truly shines through, along with her personal connection and the little something extra her beautiful violin playing adds to the songs.

Click Here to Download and Stream.

"Aria's inventive new sound is pioneering a creative path for classicals and moderns alike." Jerry Holthouse (

Aria started writing her debut album after the loss of her right eye due to an accident at the age of 14. “Smoke Screen Dreams” is a captivating album that really asks the question: have I loved myself enough? The EP title track"Smoke Screen Dreams" unveils the layers of her vulnerable lyrics about falling in love with someone at the wrong time. Struggle and loss are central themes throughout the EP along with determination and perseverance, which she eloquently vocalizes on the single Hero, "It may hard together but harder on our own".

Aria sings about finding inner strength to overcome pain and adversity in her songs. This is exemplarily featured, in her track “Rain”, written about her experience fighting for her medical rights. She sings "I shut everyone out in the midst of my pain" Aria was met with constant objections from her medical team to remove the eye. She wanted to have it removed due to the unbearable chronic pain. She endured seven surgeries during this traumatic time in her life and after five years of fighting for her medical rights, her surgeons finally removed the eye at age 19. Now at the age of 21 Aria uses her disability to inspire other women with her social media platforms by promoting stunning makeup looks & fun prosthetics. She chooses to channel the pain she’s been through into creating beautiful art and speaking her truth.

In the track "Holy Water" Aria takes us to church and through a musical resurrection. "I'm drowning, I'm drowning in Holy water, I forgot to say my prayers." Aria's debut EP is a well thought out progression of Aria's journey of personal empowerment. "Smoke Screen Dreams" doesn't cover up the raw emotion Aria intentionally shares, but instead brings the listener a beautiful view of Aria and her world.

Produced by Ryan Ladd & Aria Mae. Written by Aria Mae. Distributed by Heart Songs Records.

Connect with Aria on: Website


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