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New Artist, Andrew Hopson Releases His Latest Single "Stronger Than That"

Before all the crazy of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were given the opportunity for a quick interview with Andrew. A Little background about him:

At only 6 months old, Andrew was adopted by a single mother, who later went on the adopt his biological brother as well, raising them on her own. Years down the line Andrew’s adoption lawyer came to them knowing of Andrew’s talents, introducing them to the music industry within Nashville where Andrew started to write regularly with songwriter Steve O’Brien. So in a way, Andrew was destined to do this since he was 6 months old, right?!

Growing up, Andrew acted as the town firefighter, often getting called out of class to respond to crisis within the small town. Aside form that, he lives a true country boy life : hunting, fishing, swimming, and enjoying the water of Norris Lake.

Here is a rundown of the interview:

Love the outlaw Country Rock sound! What made you go in that direction? It’s such a great sound, and what was your inspiration?

Listening to the rebels like Johnny Cash, David Allan Coe, Waylon Jennings who sang very traditional stayed true to their beliefs and called it like they saw it. I like the traditional storytelling of their lyrics as they tell a stories about everyday people and what they go through as a life is lived.

I too sing about things that I actually do and use my music to describes life as I knew it growing up.

Did you co-write on your newest hit, Stronger Than That, tell us what inspired this song and how you went about writing it. 

It’s a story that Steve O’Brien and I wrote really quickly. It only took to afternoon to finish and came together really fast. We started to talk about what you may see when you walk into any given honky-tonk and it’s almost a guarantee that you will find a guy trying to buy a pretty girl a drink. It’s just a fun song about your typical honky-tonk on a Friday night . Who doesn’t like a good honky-tonk song?

Do you believe that living in a small town environment, made you a stronger songwriter?

Yes, because you personally know everyone in the town from the local gas station operator to the restaurant cooks and waitress, and you know them all by name. They tell you their stories and what’s going on in their life which give me a lot of material to work with. If they don’t tell you what’s going on then someone else will. It’s a small town, there are NO secrets.

How do you feel it has shaped you as a songwriter?

Our town is small and not much changes from year to year unless it’s a new restaurant, gas station, or factory. A big Friday night is a ball game or red dirt race. Everybody hangs out a few spots like Catdaddy’s which is a small market with gasoline and diesel. That’s where the news makes the rounds. That’s where I hear everyone’s stories and how I am able to write about true country living is like.

Who is your Country Music Idol and why?

Hank Williams, Sr. He has a sound that has lasted, both old fashioned and fresh as a spring rain.

What do you hope to achieve with your career in the next 5 years?

I hope to keep writing and singing good songs that people want to hear and download on all platforms. Also, I want to tour with some great artists.

Will you be touring this Summer?

To Be Determined

What is on your bucket list?

Actually, there are lots of things I like. I like to keep my bike going. I want to write good country songs that people relate to and can’t get out of their heads because they need it. I want to meet Hank Williams, Jr, Sam Elliot and tour on the big stages.

Find Andrew on his Instagram page and all music Platforms:


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