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Nashville Singer-Songwriter Abby Reign Releases Stunningly Vulnerable New Single “Walk Away”

Abby Reign releases stunning new single "Walk Away." She sings a story of betrayal and loss of a loved one, through lines full of emotional turbulence. The single is available on all digital streaming platforms.

Abby Reign is an up-and-coming pop artist who exploded onto the music scene with her single and music video for “Louder,” now followed by her sophomore release, "Walk Away."

Listen to Walk Away here!

Abby Reign is a young woman who is full of life and her unstoppable energy comes from her determined spirit. Abby grew up in small town Nebraska but is now proud to call Nashville home. Her mission with her music is to raise awareness and break the stigma of mental health issues, inspired by her many influences who strive to do the same (Hayley Williams of Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Demi Lovato). Her ballad begins with soft-spoken lines, rising until the song reaches its peak. Abby Reign sings, “I could have loved you/'Til the end of time/You found it with another/And now you're no longer mine." She expresses the passion she has for this person through her powerful vocals and detailed lyricism. The chorus is backed up by a piano track, and angelic harmonies, Abby Reign speaks of her regrets about her past relationship. The chorus soars, "All of our plans coming undone/All of the time, thought you were the one/All of our dreams not coming true/All of the love that I gave to you." She knows that she can no longer hold onto this person, in her own words, "It's time to walk away." For more about Abby Reign and her single, read below.

WALK AWAY Production Credits:

Writers: Abby Thurin and J4

Producer: Justin Bandolon

Background Vocals: Gabrielle Vaughn

Abby Reign has a beautiful philosophy about making her music, “I love creating music that is real, and can really grab at someone’s emotions. I believe music is a major form of art & expression, and the lyrics in a song can save someone’s life. Music did that for me many times, and I just want to return the favor.” – Abby Reign

Abby gets vulnerable in her new single, completely expressing the painful experience felt after an end to a relationship. The song appeals to people’s emotions by using its deep instrumentation. Abby’s vocals convey her pain and struggles. This melancholic single completely transports the audience out of reality, making them fully immersed in the song. “Walk Away” also gives people a reminder that sometimes the best thing to do is to walk away from what is hurting you. This song will truly give the audience goosebumps, as it inspires people to move past their past relationships in order to heal.

Letting go of a person when you feel you have unfinished business can be difficult. But finding that strength can be a powerful feeling, and ultimately creates a lasting peace for yourself, which Abby Reign conveys beautifully throughout new single “Walk Away.”

Keep up to date with Abby at her Website or Instagram!


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