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Nashville’s Rising Pop Artist, Brit Daniels Releases Her New Single, “Deja Vu”

Nashville pop artist, Brit Daniels released her new single, “Deja Vu,” co-written with Jonathan Perkins (The Chainsmokers, Pitbull, Cody Simpson). This song shows a repeating dating cycle. She explains how she continued to ignore all the warning signs through all of her dating experiences. She describes her style as bold, vulnerable, and honest. The one thing she loves about pop music and the Nashville pop scene is how pop music transcends borders more than any other style of music. “American pop music in particular is so popular in other countries aside from just America, and I think that’s so cool. You don't see that with a lot of other genres. I love the Nashville Pop scene because it's still on the come up, so it's cool being on the forefront of it rather than coming in to an already fully developed music scene. I also love that the music scene in Nashville is more like a community of supportive creatives than anywhere else I've been! It really is SO unique!”

Brit’s been doing music for as long as she could remember. “It’s just always been a part of me and my life.” Someone who inspired her musically was her mom. “She didn't even do music herself, but she used to put headphones on her belly when she was pregnant with me, she's the one who first realized I had a gift and helped me really figure out what that looked like, she got me into studios to record when I was 13, she always encouraged me (and still does) to chase after this dream. She really is the most influential and supportive person in my music career, and she's the best.”

Being in the music industry, no day is ever the same. Brit explains to us what her average day looks like. “Everyday looks COMPLETELY different and I love that. Some days I am in co-writes all day. Other days I'm in meetings all day. Some days I'm in meetings all day. Other days it's a mix of all 3 of those. Some days I post up in a coffee shop and work on marketing. Other days I run errands and clean my house (yes, I'm normal and still have responsibilities haha). It's never the same, and that makes it fun!”

For someone who wants to follow in her footsteps, her advice would be to believe in yourself and don't listen to what anyone else says. “You could be meeting with the most high up person in the industry, and still what they tell you is just their opinion. Be smart, and if they give you constructive feedback, use that to shape your next steps, but don't let it dictate everything you do.” She wants her fans to remember her for how she made them feel. She wants to make her fans feel that they’re valued, loved, and not alone. “I hope they always remember that!”

You can listen to “Deja Vu” on all music platforms. For more info on Brit Daniels:


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