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Nashville's Hottest New Band, Hippies and Cowboys, Get Heavy in New Single "Hard Times"

Giving the audience feels and vibes of vintage Steven Tyler, Aerosmith, Stapleton, and Joe Cocker, Hippies and Cowboys releases a new single "Hard Times," which is available now on all streaming & download platforms. You can click here to listen.

In this new tune, they embraced a powerful country rock production and vocal presentation mixed with horns and blues. This single is a must-add for any lover of classic and contemporary rock from the 70s through the 2000s. "Hard Times" is a chill yet powerfully charged atmosphere as the lyrics talk about how life has hard times.

Starting with drums and horns, the song sets the perfect tone for Aaron Sparling’s organic and gritty raw vocals that bring you into the lyrical journey of this song. A true connector, the audience will identify with the hard times' storyline while being transported to the scene that Hippies and Cowboys flawlessly create in a theatrical blend of instrumentation, timing, vocals, and a downright sick percussion backdrop. Hard times encourage visualization of memories or fantasy imaging of the lyrics.

This is by far, the best song this Nashville Rising Band has brought to the table. The single leaves the listener with the impression that this band has been together for years. Three words, timeless, steller & unforgettable.

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