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Nashville's Band of Outlaws, Hippies & Cowboys Release Their New Music Video "20 To Life"

This music video for Hippies and Cowboys latest release, "20 To Life," presents a witty and entertaining telling of the song's narrative. It opens with sweeping shots of a lake and the surrounding forest, with a small house nestled among the trees and greenery. The viewer can hear a woman yelling at someone, asserting that she will walk out on them. And she does. The song starts as she leaves the house, tall brown boots thumping resolutely on a dusty driveway as the camera pans up. She spins around and flips off the camera with both hands, hopping into her car and driving off. It's an impactful start, and the rest of the video only follows with equally vital energy.

The viewer is taken through the events the song retells, with the man this woman had left hopping into his bright orange pickup and driving to the motel she's staying at, gun slung into the passenger seat with the intent to kill. He kicks down the motel door, barreling past the man our vixen had left the narrator for, straight to the woman. She's cowering on the ground in fear as she stares down the barrel of our narrator's gun, and we know he pulled that trigger. He was prepared for, as the song's title implies, "20 To Life." The narrator ends up being chased by a police car and ultimately arrested. The video's ending is very tongue-in-cheek to the whole narrative, with our lead guitarist and vocalist cocking his guitar like a gun and "shooting" it at the camera. It's an amusing, exaggerated end to a video bursting with personality.

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