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Nashville Pop Supergroup ElectraQueens Released "In My Dreams"

ElectraQueens released their new pop/r&b  single “In My Dreams”. Written by Gabrielle Vaughn, Jenane & Alyssa Scott and produced by Grammy Award Winner Jesse Brock, the song was released on March 1st, 2024.

 You can listen to “In My Dreams” here. 

“In My Dreams” is the second self-penned single the supergroup has released. It is a powerful upbeat song brought to you by the trio of women with no less powerful voices. The production on this song is top-tier, and the baseline acts as the “spine” of the song. The melody, the instruments, the lightness of the production, and the vibes bring us back to the summertime around the early 2000s. The song has a lot of success awaiting it and I would not be surprised if it appears in the post-credits to a big movie. 

ElectraQueens are an all-female, cross-genre-blending band like no other. While their backgrounds are different, their blend is one of a kind. Their love for each other, music, and desire to inspire others has had a massive connection with the world. They have grown their roots and a strong fanbase on the TikTok platform, and now have over 6M likes total. after the success of their “duet” style videos.

Jenane is a Georgia native, who made her way to Nashville and is a graduate of Belmont University. She is a professional touring singer and background vocalist. Only adding to her acclaim, she has garnered over half a million followers with her “vocal lesson” TikToks. She is a pop/R&B singer by nature and leads the group's vocal arrangements with her powerhouse voice and unmatched technique. 

Gabrielle Vaughn hails from Ohio and is also a graduate of Belmont University, where she focused on the creative and entertainment industry. She has been seen playing stages like EXIT/IN and  has appeared on the TIDAL editorial playlist “Pop Art.”  Gabrielle brings her pop rock alternative music and inspiration to the group. 

Alyssa Scott is a Fargo, North Dakota transplant who calls Nashville home, and brings her country/boho flair to the group. Scott has several accolades under her belt, such as opening for country star Chris Young, and gracing Apple Music Country’s editorial playlists, The Academy of Country Music, and more.

The supergroup has performed at major festivals, and have shared the stage with The Bacon Brothers (Kevin Bacon and Michael Bacon), Josh Gallagher (The Voice, Kobalt Publishing), and Cory Singer (singer-songwriter, social influencer).

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