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Nashville Based Rocker Dinzy Delivers Haunting Video for Her Latest Single “Lie To Yourself”

What does it look like when we stop believing our own lies? Dinzy peers into the darkness of that question by abducting and interrogating herself in “Lie To Yourself.”

Rocker Dinzy brings us a new music video for her recent single “Lie To Yourself” that perfectly highlights the 90s pop-rock style song. “Lie To Yourself” explores the battle back to truth, opposing the false reality we create through branding, social media, and societal pressure.  

The video was created by husband and wife team, Anana Kaye and Irakli Gabriel of Duende Vision in Nashville, TN. The handcam style filming sheds a truly haunting light on the struggle Dinzy faces internally.

The video begins with a dizzying and blurred pulsing as Dinzy comes into focus in a dark corner, shining a light on herself in a strangely brutal self interrogation. We quickly find her in a straight jacket being escorted by two tall figures in masks and led to a table where she is interrogated by herself, a different self. The juxtaposition of the two versions of Dinzy makes an extremely clear statement about the “selves” we are taught to create and the true self. It is impossible to know which version is the true self and which version is being held hostage.

In our current environment we are given permission, and in many cases encouraged, to become versions of ourselves. Dinzy sings, “I was exhibit A. Oh yes, I was the star of the games that you played.”, expressing frustration at an industry where artists are experiments in a branding petri dish and convinced that the brand created for them is their truth.

It feels as if we are exposing a secret as the viewer by watching Dinzy’s self torture.  The last shot of the video is reminiscent of Heath Ledger as the Joker as we see the haunted and straightjacketed Dinzy look upwards into the camera to the lyric “You won’t be lying to me anymore.”


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