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Music Update Central Interviews A Human

Damon Fichter otherwise known as “A Human” takes us to another planet in his seductive new single “Clothes Off”. This astronomical song is shimmered with many elements of EDM and pop using contrasting dynamic sections that keep the listener’s ears open and begging for more. The track starts with a calm introduction as you’re first entranced by someone far away, and as the tension builds, so does the music. Once you get to the point where all you want from this stranger is to tell them that “I want you with your clothes off” the bass drops, and it quickly becomes a stellar dance track. The instrumentals from here illuminate fresh dance music, while pulling away in more tender moments within the lyrics. While keeping parallel with the lyrics, once we return to the chorus full of temptation and lust, the music comes back to life. There may be many humans on this planet, but “A Human” sticks out as they bring an exciting twist to EDM music, adding genuine connection and electric purpose to this instant club anthem.

Recently, we got to learn a little more about who “A Human” really is, what inspires him to make music, and what is ahead for this rising star.

What inspirations have led you to get into music, and morph into the sound you have?

Music has always been a tool for self-discovery. I enjoy sitting with my thoughts and emotions in an attempt to understand where they come from. Being introspective helps me continue to understand myself and become a better human. I think my sound reflects that sense of self-discovery.

What do you like to do when you are not creating music and how do these activities influence your music?

I enjoy yoga, meditation, naps, writing poetry, learning new things, and exploring Nashville. These activities all provide a clear headspace and help me to appreciate the present moment. This, in turn, allows me to write music from a genuine place that can take my audience on a brand new journey.

How did you go about writing and creating "Clothes Off"? Are there any inspirations for this song?

Back in March of 2020, my housemates and I lost our jobs to the Nashville tornado, only to be stuck at home days later when covid was declared a pandemic. After a few months of serving tables it sort of felt like the world stopped to remind me of the reason that I had moved to Nashville: to pursue music.

When I initially moved to Nashville, I had little experience in songwriting and absolutely no idea how the music industry worked. I had plenty of passion, but just needed to take that first step. So, with no excuses and plenty of time, I finally began to write.

Having still been new to town, I was bummed when I couldn’t go out and explore Nashville’s nightlife. Because of that, I felt inspired to write dance/pop music that could make me feel like I was at a club. So, I gave myself a writing prompt along the lines of: “What are people subconsciously thinking while they are out and trying to pick someone up?”

After a while, I went to show my housemate and seasoned songwriter, Alyssa Scott, the two chorus ideas I had. This led to my first ever co-writing session and within a few hours both “Undercover Lovers” (my last single) and “Clothes Off” were born!

What do you hope to accomplish as an artist and be most remembered by?

I hope to inspire people to be genuine, kind, peaceful, and present. I would love to be remembered as someone who did their best to make the world a better place.

What are your plans for the future, and do you have anything that you want to spotlight that is coming up?

I plan to grow a little more each day and continue learning about myself with every new song I create. Let’s just say, I have a few projects in the works and I’m hoping for some Good Luck.

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