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Mumbai-Based Artist Arrows Releases "Hello Cheater" ft. The Lightyears Explode

The newest song from Dave Arrows and The Lightyears “Hello Cheater” is a rock sensation you won’t want to miss.

“Hello Cheater” by Dave Arrows is the definition of rage. The song starts off strong with wicked electric guitar riffs and heartbeat elevating drums. This sets the tone for the track. Arrows opens up with the lyrics “Hello cheater, can you guess who?” This angry and sarcastic tone of voice draws you in and makes you mad at this “cheater” as well.

“Hello Cheater” is the type of song you can blast at full volume while driving in the car with your friends cursing your latest ex. This high energy track is the perfect blend of a call out and an absolute headbanger. If you have a friend that just got their heart broken, put them on to this song immediately.

It includes a fiery guitar riff, plenty of grit, The Lightyears Exploder’s power-packed sound as well as steely vocals, making it a fierce and punchy track. A music video that captures the essence of the song will also be out a couple of days after the track goes live as well as merch in the form of T-shirts will also be sold to help support this release.

Click here to stream & download "Hello Cheater"

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