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Multi-genre rising star northxix releases new smash single "Santa Monica Blvd"

Garth Corbett, AKA “northxix," is a 21-year-old recording artist, engineer, and producer

from Connecticut, but now resides in Naples, Florida. In his at-home studio, north brings

his lifelong passion for music to life. Being heavily influenced by rock, rap, pop, and

punk, his musical capabilities flourish over a broad spectrum of genres, while always

maintaining his alternative edge. He is back and better than ever with new single "Santa Monica Blvd." You can listen to the song by clicking here.

Photo by 1Elite Group

“Santa Monica Blvd was just an idea that started over a year ago when I was deciding to move to

Los Angeles to pursue music. I was getting tired of the same almost lifeless town and wanted

more for my life. Once moving to LA I finished the song and quickly realized how superficial

the entry-level population is. Everyone wants to create a persona they can escape their own lives

with and not strive for anything more meaningful. My favorite section of the song is definitely

the opening verse, 'You’ll never make it out alive / You ain’t shit out here, she whispered in my

ear.' Any industry is cutthroat, but with entertainment, you’re selling yourself, and it eats at you.

You know the chances are always slim to none, if it doesn’t work out you try to escape and

switch your direction, always chasing the sign. In the song, I repeat the phrase 'I’m going down'

in the pre-hook twice, along with 'Take me out' in the hook. There’s a lot of constant pressure of

breaking through the noise, making sure you have longevity, all while fostering new

relationships that might not be in your best interest. Spending time and money on material items

and lackluster events as a last effort to get your foot in the door. It’s always been do or die

throughout my life, especially in my music career, so if I’m going down I won’t give up until I’m

taken out.”

You can follow all things northxix by following him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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