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MUC Interview: Singer-songwriter Abby Shreve releases emotional new single "Misery"

Singer-songwriter Abby Shreve tells us all about her new single "Misery," released on 9/23/2022. You can listen to the single here:

Tell us the story behind "Misery" in your own words. What was the songwriting process like for you?

- The lyrics to "Misery" started off as a poem I wrote around 7 years ago. It was during a time in my life where I felt outside of myself, and confused of why I felt many emotions that I did. You could say writing it was less of a process, but more as a lyrical story that blossomed from words into music.

"Misery" touches on a lot of mental illness struggles. Is there a reason in particular why you are so inspired to reach others with this song's message?

- I truly believe that all stories and feelings should be represented in music simply because music moves people. "Misery" is lyrically a sad song but yet expresses feelings that are so common for all people. Overall, you can't have highs without lows, and I think even lows should be painted in a light for people to relate to.

How would you sum up Abby Shreve as an artist in ONE sentence?

- I would sum up Abby Shreve as a multi-faceted performer who focuses on being bold, while adding passion into her lyrics and music.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

- My biggest musical influences range from Freddie Mercury, Stevie Nicks, Billy Joel to Sara Bareilles.

If you could invite 5 people to a dinner party living or dead, who would they be?

- Oh man, this is a tough one. At the top of my head Bo Burnham, Ash and Alaina from the Morbid podcast, Jack Black, and Bill Hader. I don't know, I love to laugh, and feel like they all would be a great time to be around.

Tell us the story behind the tracking/production side of this song. Tell us about production, who played on it, etc.

- The song was fleshed out over the years from an acoustic guitar and voice, to a full band piece. My great friends Noah Eckstein and Lucas Goebel who played on the song truly created amazing instrumental lines to the piece that transformed this song to another level! As it became time to actually record the song, my friend Lily Lavon helped me with all the tracking and studio time, and their knowledge and time was crucial to the final product. It was then mixed by Joshua Brown out of Nashville TN, and mastered by Brian J. Poole at Moon Tree Mastering; who both did a fantastic job!

What are some of your favorite songs right now? Name 3.

Atlanta Girls by Trash Panda (due to the recent move), White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane, and New Mistake by Jellyfish.

What is next for Abby Shreve?

- Oh, so much is in the works! I just relocated to Atlanta, GA to work at an amazing studio, so have been focusing on learning, networking, and building my vision as an artist. I am currently co-writing with my good friend Noah Eckstein, and am expecting to release a song by the end of the year!


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