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MUC Interview: Nashville's freshest DJ Feelz tells all about his new single "Waiting For You"

Nashville-based DJ and producer, John Lawson is better known by his stage name ​Feelz. In late 2011, he introduced the dance music scene to his string of passionate, emotionally-charged live performances at venues across the United States. The Morristown, Tennessee native developed a passion for making original dance music after touring.

Feelz’s start in the music industry began during his years as a college student playing DJ sets at many of the local clubs and bars. After gaining hometown popularity, he began performing alongside major-label musicians and DJs from around the world. Some of the artists include (but are not limited to) Waka Flocka Flame, Slander, and Allison Wonderland. Feelz played on tours such as ‘​Paint Gone Wild​’ and the ‘Glo Paint Party.’

Much of John’s sound was inspired by various electronic pop artists and producers, which lead him to create a high-energy vibe felt in every live show. As a producer, each of Feelz’s songs represents a journey of energetic highs and introspective lows. With his synth-heavy drops dissolving into smooth acoustic instrumentals, it allows tension to rise before releasing short bursts of the purest musical energy. The sound makes the audience want to dance while experiencing a feeling of deep, connective emotional state.

His most recent single, "The One (ft. DeVries)" has been highly acclaimed by several large media outlets and has over 200K streams on Spotify alone, and his new single “Waiting For You” ft. Lena Luisa is already at an astounding 20K+ streams and is gathering streams rapidly. You can listen to the single here.

What do you want your listeners to take away from your latest single?

I wanted them to see another dimension to my production. I wanted to really share the emotion and lyrical journey of "waiting for you" with my listeners.

What was the inspiration behind "Waiting For You?"

When producing the track I was looking for an international singer so that I could tap into the international market of EDM. Once I heard Lena's voice I just produced a track that showed the same kind of emotion she sings and shows in her music.

What was the production process like for this single?

One of my good friends and co-producers wrote this amazing piano riff and I just took it and ran with it. Sometimes it's just the smallest things that trigger your creativity and the piano Ron Black sent me just really did it for this track. After getting the demo production-ready, I sent the track over to Lena and she wrote it with one of my friends here in Nashville, Stryker. They had to write it over zoom as she lives in Austria. They knocked the track out in one session and she recorded her vocal and sent it to me to finish up the production. I finished up the production and then sent it to be mixed and mastered.

Who are your biggest inspirations in music and in your life?

In music, I would have to say Diplo. He has been killing the production and Dj game for so long I really look up to him. In my life, it would honestly have to be my friends that get up every day and grind to really do what they love every day. It's really great to just see people working hard.

What's coming next for Feelz?

My next single will be coming out in a month to a month in a half. It will be a pop future bass song with an LA-based artist. I can't wait to announce the release date and for you guys to hear it.

You can keep up with all things Feelz by following him on all social media platforms @iamfeelzmusic or at his website,


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