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MUC Interview: Krissi Hunter releases pop smash hit "Boomerang"

Pop artist Krissi Hunter releases new single "Boomerang." You can listen to the single here.

What is the inspiration behind the new single?

I have been through certain experiences in my life where I have felt like I was being treated the way I deserved for the energy and effort I had put in. I wanted to write something that would inspire and encourage others to be strong enough for themselves to also walk away from things that don't serve them and trust they would be ok. That idea of having been felt like an "option" was something that started the song. I am also a believer in Karma so the two ideas came together at once. Who are your biggest idols in life and in music? My parents mean everything to me. They have supported my musical endeavors my whole life. Musically, I've had many people who have inspired me including Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga, Celine Dion to name a few. What is your favorite fall activity?

I love going hiking and seeing all the fall leaves changing colors. I also love carving pumpkins and getting into all the Halloween festivities. I love watching scary movies too! What is your favorite place that you've traveled to?

One of my favorite places to travel was Vancouver Island, BC. It's so beautiful to see and be around the mountains and ocean. The people are also really great. That's actually where I recorded my single Boomerang. Outside of BC, I love traveling to tropical destinations like the Caribbean. What is your favorite song right now?

Colors- by the Black Pumas (although it's been out for a while).

What is your favorite thing about writing and creating music?

I love being able to do something that no only fulfills me but can help and inspire others. I always say music is a form of mental therapy. The whole experience from beginning a song to the end is really exciting. It's so great to be surrounded by creative people who inspire me

Krissi Hunter is a Canadian pop artist hailing from Ontario, Canada. Her sound is upbeat, unique, and fresh - inspired by retro dance-pop and house music, with '60s to '80s influences. Krissi truly believes that music is a form of healing and mental therapy in our society, and always wants to bring that element to her audience.

From the early age of 7, Krissi began to take voice lessons at Merriam School of Music, and through high school, she trained under Judith Lander in both pop and musical theatre vocal stylings. Krissi’s strong vocal training background stands out in all her music, as her presence on the mic is fierce and vulnerable at the same time. In her later teen years, she worked alongside highly esteemed vocal coach Elaine Overholt at Big Voice Studios, and most recently she has worked with the incredible Lorraine Lawson at Lawson Vocal Studios. Hunter was also a stage performer for a Disney company at the age of 14, which made her into a true professional at a young age.

Krissi soon began writing and recording country/pop music. After working in Toronto and Nashville, she released 2 singles to Canadian radio. After that, her heart led her to go back to her pop roots. Krissi recorded a few songs with a label but decided the independent route was best for her and her career.

Along with making her undeniably addicting music, Krissi also works with charities of all kinds around Canada, including Sick Kids, Breast Cancer Support Services, and the Canadian Cancer Society.

Krissi has released two singles, “Dance with You” and most recently “Boomerang,” which have garnered Hunter great success on her new journey in the pop/dance genre.

You can keep up with Krissi by following her on Instagram and Facebook, as well as at her website


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