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Mozart Gabriel releases album 'Eager Within the Fire' and various new projects

Album art by Helly March

Native American rock and alternative artist Mozart Gabriel releases album Eager Within the Fire. The album is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Mozart Gabriel’s album Eager Within the Fire feels exactly how you think it should. Restless and unsettled. A beautifully balanced ebb and flow to the musicality and production from track to track. A constant need for movement as he is forged in the fire, yet still there is a certain beauty in the struggle. Some albums go down smoothly, as easily as an inhale and exhale. Breathing in the best of the genre and the era, then exhaling their own unique thumbprint on the times. This is one of those albums. We are allowed a front-row seat as Gabriel finds and loses love, loses himself, and then claws his way back, a valiant fight for the person he wants to become. A breathtaking introduction to Mozart Gabriel, as he redefines the landscape of rock n’ roll.

"The album, 'Eager Within the Fire' is representative of the fire in me when I am on stage. When I'm away, I can't wait to get back." - Mozart Gabriel Mozart Gabriel comes out swinging in the introductory track of his debut album “Operate.” The opening few bars hoodwink the listener for just long enough to expect a folk/rock track. Easy going, along the lines of a song penned by The Lumineers, and then the drums and lead guitar erupt onto the scene. Before the vocals even start, something is already pulling at your soul. He brilliantly toes the line of willing falling in love and enjoying it even if it someday may end. Mozart makes an artistic choice to set this song to an off-beat drum pattern, wonderfully paralleling his relationship to the groove of the song. Unlike other tracks on the albums, his vocals pierce through and stand out front. He sets the tone for the rest of the album with a song that has a clear voice and speaks loudly.

Gabriel follows up with a groovy track 2 “The Many Lines of Your Shapes.” 80's rock influences scream throughout this song. This track is assertive from start to finish; from the vocals through the guitars and drums.

After this banger, we roll directly into "Leach" which was a smashing single. The song is filled with sex appeal, true rock nuances, and a sleekness that lies within smooth guitar tones from Liam Cloud. We mark the commencement of side B of this album with “Tongue Tied.” Despite the title, Mozart’s lyrics and his delivery of them are nothing short of eloquent. Coming off the heels of “Leach,” the song brings us back to the ground after the fantastical 80’s rock anthem. Mozart is held in a self-inflicted purgatory waiting on an ex-flame to reach back out. His perspicuous take on waiting and pining without having the strength to take action firmly plants its feet into an already beautiful album, throwing away any preconceived notion that “Side B” could ever be inferior to the album openers. Just as you think we are approaching the descent, Mozart pulls us onto the dance floor. “Across Seas” easily becomes the nexus point between Mozart’s personal struggles in the proceeding songs and into the freedom he finds throughout the rest of the album. We shake off the austerity of relationships gone wrong and open the door to endless possibilities. Mozart firmly leans into his rock influences as "Hold Back" perfectly melds classic rock elements into a modern underground gem. The drummer immediately sets a groove from the first few beats of the track. The drums and guitar are automatically infused with emotion. We immediately know Mozart has been dealing with bigger demons than personal inner turmoil. Despite his struggles, it is clear that he has fought hard for the version of himself that he wants to be. Gabriel effortlessly glides through his range utilizing every aspect and nuance he can. From his grit in the opening lines to his falsetto, Mozart’s vocals further drive home the entire point of the song. He is no longer holding back.

Mozart Gabriel brings his debut album to a beautiful conclusion with “As I Bite My Guitar.” Clean electric guitar really takes center stage. Like every artist who expresses themselves better through art, Mozart is no different. When words fail, he turns directly to music for help. He is healed from his past struggle, heartbreak, and inner turmoil. Now he is ready to open his heart back up and start something new. All of the nerves and anxieties of a new relationship are on full display. Mozart pens a beautiful love letter to the new object of his affection. When words fail music speaks. An artist’s definition of love: that their art will be absorbed, appreciated, and understood. More often than not their art is also how they convey love as well, and new love is on the horizon for Gabriel as we round out this brilliant piece of art.

"Leach" Official Music Video - Mozart Gabriel

Mozart Gabriel is a Native American folk, indie, and alternative rock artist based out of Nashville, TN, Barcelona, Spain, and the Taos Pueblo village in New Mexico. Mozart Gabriel arose from the waters of Taos Pueblo & Red Rocks of the Navajo To'hajiilee. From a village of powerful traditional singers, the red willow tribe gave him his name Mozart at birth. Gabriel writes all of his own songs and would find it tough to perform somebody else's songs, as he comes from a Native American family of great storytellers. Music for Mozart is his therapy, honesty, and vulnerability.

Gabriel grew up with no electricity or running water and he spent most of his time hunting for his own food, drinking from the river water, and building fires to keep warm. Mozart Gabriel has a different kind of perspective of survival. In his culture, they are taught to tell stories and songs to keep our culture alive, which is a very important aspect in his musical journey and career.

Mozart Gabriel wants to be able to share more of his culture, and bring the mainstream towards more Native American rock ‘n’ roll. Gabriel grew up a lot of his life not having many heroes that were Native American. He doesn't want the younger generations of Native American artists to not have anyone to look up to. The amazing and vast history of his tribe has inspired his music, and he wants to help open the door for future indigenous dreamers.

Mozart grew up singing Native American ceremonial songs in his home and started performing open mics and small venues in bars at the age of 28. His life and abundant travels brought him later to Nashville, TN where he made a career in music videos for the local independent artists such as The Foxies, Chloe Gilligan, Katie Pruitt, and Hannah Eldridge. Travel and creativity soon brought him to Barcelona to craft his sounds, with many musicians and many projects featuring Liam Cloud. Later down the road, he was titled one of the best performers in Barcelona. Mozart has also gained a massive following on TikTok (over 96K followers to be exact), where he educates others on Native American culture and tells stories about his own upbringing and village. He also shares his music on TikTok, which his followers love to hear. His second studio album is now in production. Mozart most recently released his videos for "Leach" and single "Hold Back," and released Pueblo Christmas tune "Time to Go Uncle Jawn," which you can stream here.


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