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Moses Mo and The Real Cool Band Release Funky New Single "Kid Kool"

With roots in Dayton, Ohio, Moses Mo followed his parent's lead. His Dad played professionally for a while in a Kentucky bluegrass band and his Mom for family gatherings. His defining moment came when he was asked by Joyce “Baby Jean” Kennedy and Glenn “Doc” Murdock to go to Miami. “At the time of my high school graduation,” Moore said, “there were only two choices for me: go work in one of the many factories located in the area or play in a band. I chose (to) play in a band.” It was in the clubs of Atlanta, GA in the early seventies, that he and his fellow bandmates honed a sound that was no doubt instrumental in renaming the city “Hotlanta.”

Moses Mo is the original guitarist and founding member of the legendary, still-touring funk rock group Mother's Finest. Moses Mo has devoted over 40 years in this group and now, he's looking to build a brand of his own with the songs written, recorded, and produced by him, using his skills as an engineer and producer, with those of the very talented Jeff Tomei. Moses has always been invested in the entire song making process, and now the decisions and direction lie with him. With a vocal range of his own, and ideas to develop, he is determined to discover more of what he can do.

“While I am still the guitarist from day one and touring with Mother’s Finest, I am elated to launch this music project “Moses Mo and The Real Cool Band” featuring our inspiration Kid Kool. Who is Kid Kool? He is that 17-18 year old-ish kid in all of us. He is forging his way in the world, with his cool vibe and trying to figure out life. I think we can all relate. I’d like to think that after all of these years working as a touring and recording artist I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but I would hope I am cool.”

What sets this single apart is its ability to transport the listener to a different era, where coolness and musicality reign supreme. "Kid Kool" is not just a song; it's an experience. Whether you're a fan of Moses Mo's previous work or a newcomer to his music, this track is a must-listen.

"Kid Kool," is a hypnotizing musical excursion that showcases his electrifying guitar skills and songwriting prowess. Refusing to be put into a box, Moses Mo has not committed this project to rock only rather, “rock/opera/rap with rock and funk obviously inspiring the music.

This single immediately draws listeners in with its alluring and charming groove. As the song unfolds, Mo's signature guitar licks take center stage, displaying his virtuosity with intense solos that’ll give you goosebumps.

The lyrics are a masterful blend of storytelling and wit, offering a glimpse into Kid Kool's mysterious world. Moses Mo's vocals are rich and soulful, weaving a compelling narrative that keeps you engaged from start to finish.

Almost immediately viewers can tell that this video is going to be an incredibly fun and personable experience. The scene is set with the band sitting around a table, drinking and laughing. Fitted in suits, ties, and fedoras, they look like John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd from the 1980 classic “The Blues Brothers”. Next a sequence of clips showing the band jamming out on a small stage with a bright purple light shining down on them as they sing of “Kid Kool”. As ZeroBasement begins to break it down, the room quickly turns to blue as the lights change and dim. The vibe is chaotic as the lights come back and flicker through a multitude of colors as the music amps up. Everything comes to an abrupt stop as Zero Basement gives the camera a sly smile and the screen turns to black.

Moses Mo's first solo release in 2010, Cartoon You, was a self-released project completed with the help of many friends, John Kovach (engineer & keyboards), Carl Carlton (guitarist & songwriter), Pascal Kravitz (Keyboards & vocals), Andrew Black (guitarist, vocals, songwriter), Steve Stone (guitarist, mandolin), Caroline Aiken (Vocals, guitarist, songwriter), Kerry Denton (drummer, vocals), Harold Seay (percussionist), Jerry Seay (bass), Joyce Kennedy (vocals), Glenn Murdock (vocals), Eric Frampton (keyboards), Jamie Russell (harmonica), Mark Hogan (bass), Bertram Engel (drums), Johnnetta Johnson (vocals, songwriter). ​

His next solo release, Two Ton Message, was more focused as he continued to push the edge of the envelope, digging deep and exploring what else he could bring to the musical world. He went through a lot of drummers to find the one who inspired him the most to complete the project. Kenny Soule (Nantucket, DAG, Walter Trout), a dear friend and a drummer he had longed to work with, became the one. Kenny Soule introduced MosesMo to a bass player, Ivan "Funkboy" Bodley (Sam Moore, Broadway productions, and Russian Wedding Specialist) who would also become a dear friend and consultant on almost everything that was written thereafter, his input was priceless.

A long list of drummers including Sean O'Rourke (Sugarland), Joey Williams (Justin Bieber, BoysToMen), Gabe Frankle (Young, Wet Behind the Ears, Wildman), Kevin Wyglad (local studio talent, broadcast entrepreneur), and other players like Martin Huch on slide guitar, Claude Leek (metal, lead guitar), ZeroBasement (local rap talent, lyricist), Tomi Rocker (vocals, my baby), longtime friend and former drummer in Mothers Finest, Kerry Denton, also contributed tracks to the project.

A live performance group was created to perform the songs written by Moses Mo which included Kerry Denton, Mikey Long, ZeroBasement, and EV Johnson (the most recently added member, helping on background vocals, and percussion) Although, the majority of the songs were created by Moses Mo, these performers continue to inspire him with their creativity and spirit, breathing life into the body of work created by Moses Mo.

ZeroBasement adds a relative perspective and youthful voice to the songs written by Moses Mo. All drum tracks were recorded by Kerry Denton or Kenny Soule. Moses Mo desires to have both drummers included in the live performances one day much like the Allman Brothers Band. Mikey Long provided many bass tracks along with Ivan Bodley, Moses Mo would like to have both bass players in that band also! He may have been born in the North but MosesMo has grown into the man he is today by living in the South. "Shoot, I'd have a 20-piece band if we could find a way to support it, just like James Brown did!"

Moses worked with the band Illusion featuring Jay Willard, Paul McCoy, Tom Reed, Barry “B.B. Queen” Borden (another former Mother’s alumni), and Bobby Chouinard. In 2002 Moses Mo released his first solo effort entitled Cartoon You, Except “Highway Child” and “Nowhere,” he wrote and recorded the songs on the record within a six-month time frame. According to Mo, “What I bring to the stage or studio is the rhythm; it's the only thing that matters to me. It has always been about the rhythm.” Mo has always been a favorite with the crowds. It’s quite obvious that Moore is equally at home on the spot-lit stages of the world or behind the scenes in the studios, on his own or blending with the bands in which he plays, writing songs or building cars: a down-to-earth guy with a stellar ability to do one thing well...create.

“Every opportunity to tell a story using the characters and lessons of life combined with the gift of music and artist expression is what drives my day” – Moses Mo of Mother’s Finest

Keep up with Moses Mo and The Real Cool Band on their website!


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