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Mitchell Tenpenny Takes it Back to the 90’s With Tim McGraw Cover

Anyone who is a fan of country music, would probably agree that the 1990’s was a historical era for the genre, which included a young rising star, Tim McGraw. In 2019, Mitchell Tenpenny is country’s newest young rising star, who’s paying homage to McGraw with his release of 1997 smash hit, “Just to See You Smile.”

At the time, the original track was one of the most popular tracks of the 1990’s and remains one of McGraw’s staple songs. Tenpenny’s more modern sounding version will reach a new country audience that may have not heard the original, revamping the love song back to its original popularity.

It has been quite the year for Mitchell Tenpenny, who had a smash hit of his own in 2018. “Drunk Me” was Tenpenny’s debut single and reached as high as number two on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart. There’s no question that Tenpenny has one of the more pure and talented voices in country music and his fun twist on “Just to See You Smile” is further validation. Download the single on streaming sites everywhere and follow Tenpenny on Instagram and Twitter @M10Penny.


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