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Misty Dawn Releases Debut Single “Mountains”

Misty Dawn has released an upbeat debut single titled "Mountains". This song combines the vivaciousness of the country bluegrass sound with the dazzling aura of showtime structure. The accents of banjo carry the charming song along and compliment Dawn's energetic voice with the perfect amount of gusto.

This lively new single reminds us of how beautiful even the most difficult journeys are. All of the hard climbs and last calls we have ever experienced make the wins in life so much sweeter. The small things that are present for every stage are sometimes the only joy we have during a troubling time and "Mountains" reminds us of that in its hopeful chorus.

May the mountains call to you

May the mountains call to you

May your peaks be high and your valleys wide

May the waters flow no matter where you go

May the mountains call to you

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