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Melroze Refuses to Sink in New Single "S.O.S"

Unapologetically unafraid to embody her true self, Nashville-based pop artist Melroze brings a new style of pop music to the Music City scene. With a musical style that is simultaneously haunting and magical, her iconic combination of vulnerability, intricate songwriting skills, unique vocal range and eerie melodies are guaranteed to give listeners instantaneous goosebumps.

In 2014, she was presented with the opportunity to perform at the Troubadour Club in London, a renowned stage that has showcased various award-winning artists like Ed Sheeran, Bob Dylan and Adele. Inspired by bands such as Evanescence and the Cranberries, Melroze studied classical voice in college before eventually moving to Nashville to pursue her career in songwriting and performing. In 2018, Melroze realized how much she missed recording and releasing music into the world.

After deciding to collaborate with funk/R&B producer Ryan Prewett, they recorded 6 songs together over the past 8 months. They hired Chris Condon, the musical director for Billy Rae Cyrus, to collaborate on her upcoming releases. Melroze is credited for her work as the lyrical genius behind the project and her flawless piano playing on every track. Ryan is credited for creating every other instrument heard on the tracks using a synth/pad.

Although Melroze received help bringing her songs to life audibly, realistically speaking, she was her own artist development team. She wore many hats throughout the start to finish of her upcoming record which she describes as overwhelming at times. However, her self-motivated and go-getter attitude allowed her to learn so much more about networking, website design and filmography by virtually doing everything on her own.

Melroze is eager to share her newest releases in hopes of teaching the importance of being the most genuine, authentic version of yourself. After all, that is exactly how she acts towards her fans, further encouraging them to always be true to themselves. The release of her new single "S.O.S" feels very fresh compared to other current releases.

Part of the human experience is the feeling like we’re emotionally sinking into a bottomless abyss when the weight of the world just gets too heavy to carry on our shoulders. Whether the feeling stems from approaching deadlines, loneliness, self-doubt, relationship issues with loved ones or friends, or simply the fact that there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done, the bottom line is that it’s not an easy place to put yourself out of mentally.

“S.O.S” is the true representation of Melroze's natural and seemingly effortless ability to be vulnerable in her lyrics. Penning introspective, heart-wrenching lyrics that perfectly encompass the constant mental health battle millions of Americans internally face on a daily basis is a talent that not all musicians, artists or songwriters possess. The haunting, somber, dynamic piano melody accompanying Melroze's soft, beautiful, soft-spoken, silvery undertones capture the authenticity of emotional instability; Melroze almost breaking down into tears due to feeling overwhelmed and confused is showcased in her voice.

“S.O.S” not only shines light on how confusing it can be to navigate our feelings, but how it can be equally as hard to conceal them. Not only does this song stand out from the competition of other new releases, Melroze’s plea for help to escape from her own thoughts and emotions is universally relatable. Audiences can find comfort in listening to this song and knowing that they are not alone in their feelings of sadness, rather they are both heard and seen by Melroze herself.

Melroze’s observable hesitation towards sharing her feelings warrants her questioning.

The rollercoaster of emotions, butterflies and pressures experienced when first beginning a new relationship with someone are on full display in the single. Over time, as Melroze get to know the person at the forefront of the song, she feels increasingly comfortable around them and wants to fully communicate what’s on her mind. However, it’s not always that easy, specifically in the beginning stages of falling in love.

Although honesty and vulnerability are necessary in order to build a healthy, mutual relationship, the way others interpret our emotions that we display is not always how we intend them to. Some may listen, understand and be supportive, while others may reject, lash out, or leave out of fear. Sometimes, all we need to feel comforted in times of sorrow is one person listening, understanding and validating those feelings. That is exactly who and what Melroze provides for her listeners.


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