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Meet Heavy & Western Country Risers The Comancheros

Photo Credit: Todd Dean

The Comancheros just dropped their lead single "Yellow Roses" on August 19th in anticipation of their upcoming album Memphis to Mexico. The trio is comprised of lead singer and guitarist Tanner Jones, vocalist and bassist Jon "Deere" Green, and drummer Michael "Bobcat" Cook. Read on to get to know these talented musicians!

Hi guys! We love your latest single "Yellow Roses." Can you tell us a bit about the writing and recording experience for this single?

When COVID hit, and all the bands stopped playing, we started practicing every day at 7am (and still do). We figured we’d use the time to get ahead. We wrote dozens of songs, learned a ton of Skynyrd note for note, and worked on our show.

When we started playing again, Tanner came home to find his girlfriend had packed up and left. Her favorite flower was a yellow rose, and so one day he came to rehearsal with this song.

You've been working with Richard Young of The Kentucky Headhunters on your upcoming music. How did that relationship start?

The Comancheros were talking with Richard about doing some shows with The Georgia Thunderbolts. He is their manager. When we needed a producer for the album, we gave him a call. It was cool he was so excited to be involved in the project. We spent a week in Kentucky with them recording and listening to the best stories in the music business. The sheer amount of Michelob Ultra that went into that album…

Photo Credit: Todd Dean

Your self-proclaimed "heavy & western" sound is unique and sets you apart. What's your best advice for a band trying to find their own sound?

We just got tired of saying “it’s kind of like” and “if you mix.” We wanted to boil it down to the most basic parts. The best way to find your sound, I think, is to think play to your strengths. We all love Willie Nelson, but we all grew up playing death metal. We aren’t cut out to play slow songs. We play heavy and western.

2022 has been a huge year of shows for The Comancheros. What's a standout moment for you all from a live show this year?

We did run in England with Sons of Liberty early in the year. That was a great start! We met a lot of cool people, and drank a lot of English beer. Of course, we did the Shed with Blackberry Smoke and that was a blast too!

We're excited to see what's coming next. Can you give us a sneak peek of what to expect?

Tun Tavern just released our branded hot sauce. We are selling it so fast Mike hasn't even gotten to try it yet! The rest of the band says it is good though!

To keep up with The Comancheros, check out their website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


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