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Madison Olivia's Empowers Women In Her New Song "User"

Madison Olivia released her newest hit “User”. You can listen to it here.

“User” is a beautiful country-rock revenge song: cowboy vibes and west-side tension fully immerse listeners into the story. Madison sings about a man who has a reputation for using ladies and then leaving them when he gets what he is looking for. She knows that karma will get him eventually, as she sings: “ And karma has a funny way of / Giving you a little taste of / Your own medicine”. 

The guitar solo before the bridge is filled with rage and emotions that make a statement without any words. 

With the opening lines, “Hey you sir / You been running around all over this little ol’

town / Yeah / And you sir / Ya gotta another thing coming if ya think that I’ll shut my mouth,” she

sets the tone perfectly for what’s to come. She’s fed up with how she’s been treated

and looks forward to seeing this man get what he deserves. Produced by Grady Saxman and vocal production by Kristin Smith, this track has zero chance of not hitting your fave fiery playlist. The single features the legendary Jenee Fleenor on fiddle and Saxman on drums to add even more salt to the spicy track. 

“User” is Madison’s big sister advice to all the girls: “If he doesn’t treat you right/Don’t worry honey it’ll be alright /Let that Player walk away /He must lay in the bed that he made”  

Madison Olivia is quickly becoming one of country music’s power performers. She follows up her singles “Downtown Now” and “Heartbreak Cowboy” with a new song called “User,” an up-tempo, catchy, and well-produced country track that will resonate with all independent women and men who value self-respect.  The self-penned single is a jam, heavy on percussive beats and timing, and is catchy as all get out. 

It’s no surprise that Madison Olivia lists other strong female artists such as Shania Twain, Carrie

Underwood and Adele are among her influences. Olivia is cut from a similar cloth. In “User,” she’s talking to a man who’s clearly wronged her.

2023 was a banner year for this newcomer, she ended with an opening slot at Parmalee’s End of Year Tour. The Flint, Michigan native has made her mark in county music and is now a rising Nashville star.

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