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Macy Gray Releases Single Buddha in Support of Her Advocacy for Mental Health

Music Update Central had the opportunity to speak with the incredible Macy Gray. She has released a new video in support of the song, “Buddha”. The legendary soul/R&B veteran, released “Buddha” reflecting Ms. Gray two decades of chaotic touring and has now found an inner peace and calm in her life. The song “Buddha” features guitar by Gary Clark Jr. Leading up to the video release, Macy hosted a cover art contest on Instagram and received over 300 submissions from artists hoping to win the $500 prize and have their art featured as the official “Buddha” single artwork, The winner, created by Jonathan Carlsson is shown here.

Winning Artwork - Jonathan Carlsson

Buddha is included on her tenth full length album, Ruby. Macys states, “I love the gem ruby. It's so regal. I really wanted a title that would stick. The stone is also of course my favorite color. It’s rich and has a history, It’s classic and so is this album”. Ms Gray states it was a true triumph over mental health struggles, and this entire album was her catharsis. Macy has had many setbacks because of the fight, but she has now won the battle and is moving forward and winning the war against mental health.

Macy has been in the music business for 20 years and as a performer, this album is a reflection of her quest to find center and stay grounded.

Mental health awareness is a very prominent issue with Ms.Gray. It took alot of years for her to get past the issue, and refocus and make people aware and reach out for help to get back on track.

Ms. Gray's tenth full length album

All the songs on Ruby are about her feelings, the battles with mental health, and Buddha was written because she was able to win the battle with it. “I’m able to celebrate my present and look forward to my future because of it".

Ms. Gray likes to stay focused and in the moment to find happiness.

The video for the song was made in 8 hours and she is really proud of the project and how quickly it came together. The video was directed by Teyana Taylor and she really captured the essence of the struggle and the ongoing positive results of Ms. Gray’s Mental Health battle.

Find the album Ruby on all streaming platforms and watch for tour dates on Macy Gray's





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