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Country-folk singer-songwriter Lockwood Barr released her latest single, "Helluva Habit," on July 31 and has accomplished all-time career goals in the two weeks following the release. 

The single premiered on American Songwriter was a feat that Barr has chased since embarking on a music career. "As a songwriter and artist, I always hope people connect with any song I release, but it’s hard to predict what might strike a particular chord with someone at any given point"

- Lockwood Barr


Luckily for Barr, "Helluva Habit" struck a chord with old and new fans. "I’m truly blown away by all the love, and I'm so honored," Barr said. The song found a place on ACM's New Music Friday playlist and is still holding strong. That placement has grown Barr's fanbase and has allowed her to maintain a strong momentum of live stream shows. Barr is actively planning new shows as she and her band adjust to a new type of live performances. 

"To hear back from new fans who have it on repeat, and to be included by American Songwriter and the ACMs in the company of artists like Sheryl Crow and Willie Nelson," Barr said. "It’s been an amazing few weeks." 

Lockwood Barr is so inspired from the magical weeks following "Helluva Habit" that she sees this fire continuing on through the rest of 2020. Fans should follow Barr on Instagram to stay up-to-date on her new releases and upcoming social distancing tour dates. 


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